December 18, 2016

Wrap-up of 2016 games: My Little Fitness Dragon

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During the 2015-2016 academic year, IDG student Isabelle Kniestedt developed a video game titled "My Little Fitness Dragon" for the purposes of the Prototyping for Game Designers course. My Little Fitness Dragon is designed as a casual game for smartwatches that encourages the user to walk more through playful interaction. Much like the ‘Activity’ app on the Apple Watch or simpler step-counters like the Xiaomi Mi Band, it is not necessarily a tool to help people do intensive sports, but rather for them to get a healthy amount of light exercise on a daily basis. It does this by combining elements of other types of activity applications, virtual pets, collecting games, and GPS tracking. As a first step in the production process of My Little Fitness Dragon, a prototype was created for the PC using Gamemaker Studio. The goal of this prototype was to serve as a proof of concept, test out the visual style and serve as a discussion point with other game developers for further development of the app.