May 2, 2023

DiGRA2023 workshop: Referencing Digital Games:

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This is an invitation to the Digra2023 workshop titled:

Referencing Digital Games: Developing Shared Guidelines and Citation Practices

The workshop will take place on Monday, 19th June at the University of Seville.
Time and venue TBC.

Citing video games is essential for game scholarship. How we do that is not trivial: it allows us to verify and replicate claims, it increases the transparency of our scholarship, and allows us to attribute creativity to those responsible for it.

In the attempt to showcase and discuss best citation practices (and perhaps help our journals adopt new and desirable habits), we cordially invite you to join us for a workshop on Game Citation, held at the DiGRA2023 conference.

The workshop aims to facilitate an open reflection about citation and referencing practices between game scholars and journal editors. To that end, together with this email, we circulate a draft version of a white paper on game citation that we worked on. The discussion aims to reach a mutual understanding of and solutions to referencing and citation challenges within our discipline. Our hope is to refine the white paper together as a community, and work towards a better and shared set of guidelines for game citation.

Your voice as a scholar is thus crucial for this endeavor. Whether you have just started to work on video games or see the workshop as an opportunity to reflect on your long experience with citing games, we would be thrilled to hear your thoughts and suggestions for improving our current practice of citing digital games.

Please find the workshop description here:

And here is the whitepaper that will be discussed and further developed during the workshop:

We look forward to discussing game citation and game referencing with you in Sevilla!

The organizing committee:

Stefano Gualeni (Institute of Digital Games, University of Malta)
Paul Martin (University of Nottingham of Ningbo, China)
Jonathan Frome (Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong)
Kazufumi Fukuda (Ritsumeikan University of Kyoto, Japan)
Eric Kaltman (California State University)
Riccardo Fassone (University of Turin, Italy)
Martin Roth (Ritsumeikan University of Kyoto, Japan)