August 18, 2016

FESIVALETTERATURA and videogame culture

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In a few weeks, the beautiful city of Mantua (Italy) will host for the 20th time the FESTIVALETTERATURA, and the IDG will be part of it!

In case you did not know, FESTIVALETTERATURA is the biggest and most prestigious literature and literature criticism festival in Italy, which also attracts international authors and contributors. For a complete roll-out of all the speakers, click HERE!

Differently from the preceding nineteen iterations of this summer festival, in this occasion the organizing committee decided to attempt 'an exploratory journey' in the world of videogames, videogame culture, and videogame criticism.

With that objective in mind, they invited IDG's own Stefano Gualeni as one of this year's speakers and presenters, together with some old friends of the Institute of Digital Games (We Are Muesli, Riccardo Fassone, etc.)

This is their well-worded rationale for tapping into our playful, digital world (sadly in Italian only):