March 1, 2016

Game Lecture: Nick Porsche

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Nick Porsche of Dorado Games will be our next speaker at the Game Lecture Series, talking about lessons learned during the development of Gladiators Online. The lecture is on Tuesday 8th of March 2016 at 7:00 pm, and is held at the Institute of Digital Games.

The topic and summary of the March Game Lecture follows:

"Post Mortem of Gladiators Online: MMO Management Browser Game turned Mobile Cross Platform Game turned Client Download Game turned Steam Action Game (and what we learned from it)"

In 2013 several people came together in Malta to discuss the development of a free2play massively online management game based on ancient gladiatorial combat. Two years later, we had developed said game across four platforms and oscillated the gameplay from totally hands off, to touch controls to action-based and all the phases in between. Why we were forced to engage in this uphill struggle, how we survived it and remained sane at the same time is going to be the topic of my presentation.