October 4, 2017

IDG at CEEGS2017 Conference

The Institute of Digital Games had a strong present at this year's Central and Eastern European Game Studies conference, held at the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodus, Trnava, Slovakia, on September 28-30. IDG member Daniel Vella, together with Jaroslav Švelch from the University of Bergen, chaired a workshop on Monstrosity in Games, bringing together an international panel of speakers for a discussion on the theme of monstrosity and figures of the monstrous in games. IDG student Francesca Borg Taylor-East presented a paper entitled "Navigating Islands in Digital Games", adapting elements from her M.Sc. dissertation which brought together game studies, island studies and philosophy of space to frame a perspective on island spaces in digital games. while IDG member Dávid Melhárt, together with Haryo Pambuko Jiwandono, gave a paper titled "The Infectious Aesthetic of Zombies: An Exploration of Zombie Narratives and Unit Operations of Zombie-like Entities in Videogames," which applied Ian Bogost's unit operations analytical method to the study of zombies in digital games.