August 17, 2016

IDG participates in DiGRA-FDG Conference 2016

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IDG faculty and students had a strong presence at the first joint DiGRA-FDG (Digital Games Research Association - Foundations of Digital Games) International Conference, held at Abertay University, Dundee, Scotland, on 1-6 August.

Gordon Calleja presented a paper titled "From Breaking to Making," detailing the process of adapting his board game, Posthuman, to a digital format. He also participated on two panels - one ("“Speaking intelligently?” What do we understand about narratives in video games (and what not)?") focusing on the question of narrative in games, and the other ("Building a Game Studies Conference: A Case Study of Games & Literary Theory") tackling the practical and curatorial aspects of running a focused conference series.

Daniel Vella gave a paper titled "Who Am I In The Game?: A Typology of Modes of Ludic Subjectivity," which proposes a formal classification of ways of player subject-positioning in virtual game environments.

Antonios Liapis presented a paper titled "Discovering Social and Aesthetic Categories of Avatars: A Bottom-Up Artificial Intelligence Approach Using Image Clustering," co-authored with Chong-U Lim and D. Fox Harrell from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

IDG students and researchers were also present to showcase their research. Johnathan Harrington presented "4X Gamer as Myth," while Isabelle Kniestedt and Marcello A. Gomez-Maureira presented "Little VR Pet Shop: A Reverse Turing Multiplayer Virtual Reality Game," co-authored with Meggy Pepelanova.

The quality and range of work presented was a testament to the IDG team, and to the exciting research being done here. Good job, everyone!