March 28, 2024

IDG Team Contributes to the Creation of Polygon's Highly Anticipated Board Game of 2024!

USA: The academic powerhouse at IDG has not only been keeping themselves busy but also making waves in the world of entertainment! Recently, Polygon, the prestigious American hub for pop culture and gaming, bestowed high praise upon Fateforge: Chronicles of Kaan, a captivating board game brought to life by Mighty Boards. Polygon hailed Fateforge as "combination of a smooth and well-iterated combat engine with a sophisticated overarching story.".

Fateforge emerges as a mythical co-op action-adventure board game, set within the spellbinding realm of Kaan: a landscape teeming with ancient ruins, diverse cultures, and enigmatic relics. Players find themselves immersed in a whirlwind of untamed wilderness and bustling cityscapes as they embark on a pulse-pounding 60-minute odyssey of campaign-driven storytelling. With its innovative app-driven mechanics and dynamic dice-based combat system, Fateforge invites players to roll the dice and strategize their moves with every throw.

At the helm of Fateforge's creation stands none other than IDG's own Gordon Calleja, whose years of dedication have birthed stunningly detailed illustrations, maps, and artwork that bring the vibrant world of Kaan to life. Complementing this visual spectacle is Daniel Vella's narrative prowess, evident in the epic quests that await intrepid adventurers within the game's immersive depths.

You can read more about Fateforge: Chronicles of Kaan on Mighty Boards' website!