December 15, 2022

Instruction video for "Construction BOOM!"

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The ever delightful Eleni Papadopoulou (also known as Cardboard Rhino) made an instruction video for "Construction BOOM!", a strategic 2-player tile-laying game made here at the Institute of Digital Games.

"Construction BOOM!" is a playable satire of the unrestrained residential construction in Malta, and a criticism of the "BOOMING" real-estate business on our little island.

And here is the INSTRUCTION VIDEO!

In her 13-minute explanation, part of her 'Play it right!' series, Cardboard Rhino streamlines the rules of the deceptively simple game we designed to communicate how haphazard, unethical and greedy the local construction industry is. Oh, did we mention that the game is also very fun?

Designed by our Prof. Stefano Gualeni and the indefatigable Jasper Schellekens, the game will soon be part of a Kickstarter campaign meant to sponsor the planting of more trees on the island of Malta. Want to keep informed about when the Kickstarter campaign is going to start? Click HERE! :D

You can play a free print-and-play version of it on the game's website!
So go 'Play it right!' and have fun!