September 4, 2018

Sept the. 21st: Game Studies and the Digital Humanities

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Together with the Centre for the Digital Humanities, and as part of his visiting professorship at the University of Gothenburg, IDG's Stefano Gualeni is organizing a day-long seminar titled


This seminar will feature a number of scholars in the field of game studies and philosophy of computer games that are related to the IDG, and will take place on the

21st of September, 2018 at the University of Gothenburg.

Among the speakers, IDG's Stefano Gualeni and Daniel Vella, Marcello Gomez Maureira (PhD student co-supervised at the IDG), as well as our partners in the CURIO project from the University of Skövde.

The event is open to the public, so if you are in Sweden feel free to join us for this interesting events which looks at:

  • Philosophy with (and within) the Digital [during the morning sessions], and
  • Computer games in research and education [in the afternoon sessions].

Contact person: Jonas Ingvarsson


09.15 - Introduction & Welcome

09.30 - Prof. Stefano Gualeni (Institute of Digital Games, University of Malta):

Philosophy with (and within) the Digital

10.00 - Justyna Janik (Jagellonian University of Krakow, Poland):

Game/r - Play/er - Bio-Object: A posthuman approach to the player-game relationship

10.30 - Coffee break

11.00 - Dr. Daniel Vella (Institute of Digital Games, University of Malta):

Ludic Subjectivity: Being-in-the-Gameworld as Existential Project

11.30 - Nele Van de Mosselaer (Antwerp University, Belgium):

Fictional Desires towards Fictional Worlds


13.30 - Prof. Lissa Holloway-Attaway (University of Skövde, Sweden):

Performing Digital Heritage Games with/in an Evolving Digital Humanities Context

14.00 - Marcello Gomez Maureira (Leiden University, The Netherlands):

Designing for Curiosity

14.30 - Coffee break

15.00 – Dr. Björn Berg Marklund (University of Skövde, Sweden):

The persistent problems of Digital Game-Based Learning

15.30 – Prof. Jonas Linderoth (University of Skövde, Sweden):

Superheroes, Greek gods and sport stars: Ecological empowerment in digital games