November 14, 2023

THE CLOUDS: Book presentation in Athens

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The Games Programming department of SAE Athens invites you to the presentation of the book "The Clouds: An Experiment in Theory-Fiction" by Stefano Gualeni!

On Monday, November 20 at 18:00 (Malta time), University of Malta Professor, writer and game designer Stefano Gualeni will talk about how "philosophy" does not necessarily mean producing a certain kind of theoretical text. He will show possible alternatives to this, such as his experiments with philosophical fiction, his philosophical games as well as his recent, sci-fi novella The Clouds.

About the book “The Clouds: An Experiment in Theory-Fiction”

Employing fiction, theory, and meta-commentary at once, this book exemplifies a hybrid use of text that capitalizes on the unique qualities of each expressive form and draws clear distinctions between them.

“On a calm autumn afternoon, a physicist working at the Malta Meteorological Station receives an email from a colleague working in the UK: something alarming has been spotted during one of their research flights. This meteorological event is the starting point for the science fiction novella The Clouds. Alongside the novella, this book includes three essays written by the same author that discuss more clearly and conventionally three philosophical ideas presented in The Clouds.

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