Graduating from the Institute of Digital Games opens the door to new opportunities, both when it comes to further education at a PhD level as well as starting your professional career.

Our students are a reflection of the Institute and by supporting and maintaining close contacts with our alumni, the Institute of Digital Games is able to facilitate opportunities for contact between students, employees and alumni. Active alumni are a great asset to the Institute.

The Institute of Digital Games has been founded relatively recently and since its first intake of students in 2013, more than 50 students have studied at the Institute of Digital Games and every year our alumni group is increasing.

Notable Alumni

Dr. Christoffer Holmgard

Dr. Amy Hoover
Assistant Professor Informatics - New Jersey Institute of Technology

Dr. Hector P. Martinez - Machine Learning Specialist - IIH Nordic

Dr Phil Lopes - Assistant Professor in Artificial Intelligence for Digital Games at Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias

David Chircop - Gameplay designer - Projekt CD Red

Stylianos Avramidis - Lead Campaign Designer - Blackbird Interactive

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Companies and organisations that have employed Institute of Digital Games alumni in the past include:

Creative Assembly

Projekt CD Red

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe

University of Malta


Blackbird Interactive

University of Geneva

Dorado Games

Betsson Group

Guts Gaming United Nations
Beyond Those Hills Bigpoint

Universities and graduate schools that have accepted Institute of Digital Games alumni in the past include:

Univerisity of Malta

University of Geneva

Technical University Delft

City University of Hong Kong