May 10, 2019

AI and Games: Playing & Designing Games through Bio-Inspired AI

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The Institute of Digital Games is thrilled to have Dr.Sebastian Risi Associate Professor – IT University of Copenhagen and Co-founder -, speaking as part of our Game Seminar Series. He will present some of their work on creating agents that can learn to play games through bio-inspired methods such as neural networks and evolutionary algorithms.

This May 17th we have a double bill of Artificial Intelligence in videogames starting from 16h00 with Creative artificial evolution through quality diversity algorithms by Dr Jean Baptiste Mouret.

The Future of AI in Video Games: Innovation inspired by biology

Many recent breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence (AI) would potentially not have been possible without the help of games. Especially video games with their complex worlds and large action spaces offer unique testbeds for advanced AI methods. Breakthroughs that have first been invented to beat the best human players in games such as Go or Poker are now being applied in many different domains such as healthcare or improving the efficiency of power grids. In this talk I will present some of our work on creating agents that can learn to play games through bio-inspired methods such as neural networks and evolutionary algorithms. Additionally, I will show that these algorithms do not only allow agents to play games but also enable creating entirely new types of games and games that continually adapt to the player.

At the Heart of the Evolution of AI in Videogames: About Dr. Sebastian Risi

Sebastian Risi is an Associate Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen where he is part of the Center for Computer Games Research and the Robotics, Evolution and Art Lab (REAL). His interests include computational intelligence in games, neuroevolution, deep learning, evolutionary robotics and human computation. Risi completed his PhD in computer science from the University of Central Florida. He has won several best paper awards at GECCO, EvoMusArt, IJCNN, and the Continual Learning Workshop at NIPS for his work on adaptive systems, and the HyperNEAT algorithm for evolving complex artificial neural networks. Additionally, he received the Distinguished Young Investigator in Artificial Life 2018 award and a Google Faculty Research award in 2019. Recently he co-founded, a company that develops AIs that decide and respond like humans in a wide range of specific situations.

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