Research projects and selected publications

Since the foundation of the institute in 2013, we have been involved in a number of funded research projects. Together, we have published over 130 academic publications including conference papers, journals articles, books, and book chapters.

Follow the links below to learn about our current and completed projects. You can also see some of our most notable publications at the bottom of the page.

Ubisoft Research Project
Collaborators: Georgios Yannakakis (University of Malta), Alessandro Canossa (Massive Entertainment - A Ubisoft Studio)
Collaborators: (at UoM) Georgios Yannakakis, Iro Voulgari, Antonios Liapis
Project Website
CURIO: A Teaching Toolkit for Fostering Scientific Curiosity’
Collaborators: Stefano Gualeni, Marcello A. Gómez Maureira, Sandra Dingli, Andre' Xuereb, Danielle M. Farrugia
ENVISAGE: ENhance VIrtual learning Space using Applied Gaming in Education
Collaborators: Georgios N. Yannakakis, Antonios Liapis
Project Website
eCrisis: Europe in Crisis
Collaborators: Georgios N. Yannakakis, Vanessa Camilleri, Owen Sacco, Antonios Liapis
Project Website
Deep Design
Collaborators: Georgios Yannakakis, Antonios Liapis
CrossCult: Empowering reuse of digital cultural heritage in context-aware crosscuts of European history
Collaborators: (at UoM) Georgios Yannakakis, Antonios Liapis
Project Website
FORETELL: Flood and Fire Safety Awareness in Virtual Worlds
Collaborators: (at UoM) Stefano Gualeni, Marcello Gómez Maureira, Philip Bonanno
Project Website
GADTRAP: Game Design as a Self-Transformative Practice
Collaborators: Stefano Gualeni, Marcello A. Gómez Maureira
Project Website
Go Go Gozo
Collaborators: University of Manchester, Warwick University, Utrecht University, University of Malta, Palacky University Olomouc
Autonomous Computational Game Designers
Collaborators: (at UoM) Georgios Yannakakis, Antonios Liapis, Phil Lopes, Daniele Gravina, and Daniel Karavolos
Project Website
REFLECT: Reflective Game Design
Collaborators: Rilla Khaled, Pippin Barr
Project Website
C2Learn: Fostering Creativity in Learning through Digital Games
Collaborators: (at UoM) Georgios Yannakakis, Mirjam P. Eladhari, Antonios Liapis and Phil Lopes
Project Website
ILearnRW: Integrated Intelligent Learning Environment for Reading and Writing
Collaborators: (at UoM) Georgios Yannakakis, Rilla Khaled, Héctor Martínez, Vincent Farrugia, and Thom Cuschieri
Project Website