February 26, 2020

AI and Games - Procedural Content Generation and Narrative - Public Guest Lecture by Prof. Rafael Bidarra - TU Delft

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The Institute of Digital Games is thrilled to have Dr.ir. Rafael Bidarra from the Department of Intelligent Systems at TU Delft speaking as part of our Game Seminar Series. He will be covering procedural content generation and narrative on 28th February at 17:00 at the Institute of Digital Games and will be followed by Prof. Julian Togelius who will cover Using Machine Learning for Procedural Content Generation.

It's a Wonderful Narrative World - Procedurally Generating Narrative Worlds

A Narrative World comprises a number of interrelated locations that, all together, fully support enacting a given story. Each of these locations features not only all objects required there by the narrative, but also a variety of other objects that adequately describe or decorate the location.

Procedurally generating narrative worlds poses many challenges. We identify some of these challenges and describe in more detail the impact of a story's temporal dimension, which introduces dynamic fluctuations of objects between locations over time.

About Dr.ir. Rafael Bidarra - Head of the Game Technology Research Lab

Rafael Bidarra is associate professor Game Technology at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science of Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands.

He leads the game technology research lab at the Computer Graphics and Visualization Group. His current research interests include: procedural and semantic modeling techniques for the specification and generation of both virtual worlds and gameplay; serious gaming; game adaptivity and game data analytics.

The Game Seminar Series: All facets of digital games

The Game Seminar Series (GSS) are special academically oriented lectures that are held approximately once a month at the Institute of Digital Games. They are open to the public, but targeted to give University of Malta students supplementary information and update them on current research in the field. Research and education doesn't happen in silos, especially not in the multi-disciplinary field of game design. The Seminars bring together academics, practitioners and enthusiasts with a common love for games of any type: digital, analog, urban, free-form, and can range from the highly technological to the extremely philosophical. There is sure to be something to interest you. If you'd like to be kept up to date on our GSS and other events we invite you to subscribe to our Newsletter.