August 24, 2020

Construction Boom! - Using Games as Rhetoric

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IDG Staff Prof. Stefano Gualeni and Jasper Schellekens co-wrote a Designer Diary for The piece offers interesting, previously undisclosed details about the origins of Construction BOOM!, the two-player print-and-play game that they developed as part of a research project.

In case you had not heard of Construction BOOM!, it is a satirical game that was originally intended the game as a paradoxical, humorous take on Malta's crowded, heterogeneous, and apparently unfettered constructions. It playfully discloses a satirical perspective on Malta's real-estate business, an enterprise that seems unregulated and uniquely focused on revenue.

The launch of the game, was covered by the local newspaper (the Times of Malta) precisely in relation to the game's political stance.

Read the Designer Diary for Construction BOOM! here: